Fully Automated Campaigns

Screen Grouping & Syncing

Automated Screen Management

Pixelart is a fully Scalable Solution. With our simple CMS tools you can easily manage a large or small screen network from anywhere at anytime. For large/multiscreen networks this is essential, forget the laborious task of managing individual screens like before. Now you can create multiple Screen Groups and let Pixelart do the hard work so you can focus on your customers

Beautiful Content Creation

Content Design Studio

Build beautiful campaigns with complete ease using our innovative design studio. Upload your own content, then use the screen-split tool to section your displays and create a truly bespoke layout

Automatic Content Fitting

No need to worry about screen specifications: orientation, aspect-ratio, even resolution. Pixelart generates fully responsive content and will automatically adjust to fit any screen


Monitor Your Network

  • Pixelart makes it easy to monitor your network health
  • Live Screen Status Display -
  • See when your screen is on/offline
  • Real Time Content Playback -
  • View your current campaign live
  • Campaign Publishing Status -
  • What campaigns are playing, paused or upcoming
  • Player Performance Metrics -
  • Memory, Free Space and other data